The NPC Meme: Time to Wake Up and Start Thinking for Yourself

A simple meme poking fun at the relentless, permanent post-election "resist" culture in America is creating shockwaves throughout social media. The original meme is a simplistic drawing of a person with gray skin and a blank, expressionless face. The term "NPC" is a reference to video game culture. In the world of video games, Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) mostly provide atmosphere or limited interaction within the game's storyline. Once you get the valuable information that you need to complete a mission in the game from some of the NPCs, they then typically just repeat the same, pre-programmed dialog over and over again if you try to interact with them further. Other NPCs are literally just zombie-like "filler" for an otherwise empty city street environment, for example.

The intended recipients of this meme are, of course, fairly outraged. They argue that the meme is "dehumanizing" (though it's interesting to note that these same leftists often accuse conservatives as being being "Russian bots"). Making the comparison of the great unwashed masses to sheep certainly isn't a new idea. On the other hand, taking note of the similarities between how video game NPCs are programmed and how some people seem to behave in real life is certainly an interesting insight. How is it that some people are so impressionable and susceptible to the ideas of celebrities, the mainstream media, and essentially the social media mob? How can it be that so many people are seemingly unable to discern truth from obvious political and commercial propaganda? How can so many people repeat the same pre-programmed rhetoric over and over again, and not feel like a robot? In short, how can so many people be so stupid?

Independent and critical thought is paramount to any civilized society. Thomas Jefferson once said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and will never be. We are living in extraordinarily precarious times. The masses of people today are dangerously ignorant of the lessons that history has to teach. If you don't take control over what thoughts go into your head, someone else will! Simply stated, if we continue down this path of mindlessly believing celebrities, the mainstream media and the deluge of political propaganda being spewed across social media platforms, we are doomed.