Socrates Hated Democracy

You'd be hard pressed to find a person that hasn't heard of the legendary classical Greek philosopher, Socrates. Born in 399 BC, Socrates spent the majority of his 71 years on earth contemplating the many core aspects of human existence with such passion and tenacity that he is widely credited today as being one of the main creators of Western philosophy--the foundation of Western civilization, itself.

In contrast to the modern and favorable perceptions of democracy, Socrates was critical of it. Being the exceptionally brilliant and intelligent man that he was, Socrates found that his primary point of contention with the concept of democracy is that the mob of everyday citizens, when put in charge of selecting a national leader, were rarely fit to make such an important decision. Socrates also realized that the mob which decides the fate of a nation was easily prone to emotional manipulation, in which dishonest demagogues could wrangle control of a country by appealing to the base desires and prejudices of the mob, rather than formulating a logical and rational basis for their political ambitions.