"More Deadly Than War"

G. Edward Griffin delivered a prophetic warning about the communist menace in his 1969 lecture entitled, "More Deadly Than War."
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Every genuinely diverse society inevitably finds itself debating issues of inequality, intolerance and racism at a visceral level. Human beings today still struggle to achieve a kinder, more sensitive and more understanding way of life, and in so doing, they may get easily ensnared by the liberal doctrines of communism and Marxism, since these ideolgies purport to sympathize with the common, everyday human struggle. It is, however, a trap. When the common good becomes a priority over the individual, that means you become inferior to everyone else. You, as an individual, do not matter anymore. Your rights, freedoms, needs and desires become superfluous to the general good of society.

Americans may find it instructive to consider a lecture delivered by filmmaker G. Edward Griffin in 1969, shortly after the Johnson Administration's passage of groundbreaking Civil Rights legislation. Did his lecture concerning a communist plan to incite racial tensions in order to divide the United States and impose a totalitarian regime prove eerily prophetic?

Construing Communist Ideology

Mr. Griffin based his lecture entitled "More Deadly Than War" largely upon materials circulated by left wing and communist groups. He devoted considerable attention to defining some of the terms used frequently in the Marxist literature of the period. He strongly criticized the late Herbert Aptheker, a noted Marxist historian and Black History scholar, for promoting a communist agenda by depicting black Americans as an oppressed, victimized racial minority engaged in a struggle of national liberation.

Envisioning global communism as an idyllic society of brotherhood, sharing, and equality in which government would simply "wither away" as unnecessary, communist regimes in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and (often confusingly) Nazi Germany glaringly (and rather cynically) characterized their totalitarian systems as "socialist." Communists worked diligently to overthrow capitalism in the USA and other democratic nations in order to impose socialism, the first station on the route to a supposedly perfect and unified communist world.

Two Revolutions, One Mission

During his lecture, delivered before an attentive audience in his home library, G. Edward Griffin explored materials written by communists who attended a 1960 meeting in Moscow. They had drafted a blueprint for waging two types of revolutions against the United States: one violent, and the other, non-violent. The first step involved creating separate "nations" of malcontents by fueling racial tensions in order to incite a violent race war. They believed this conflict would ultimately culminate in the creation of a separate "liberated" nation encompassing places where black Americans predominated demographically as a racial majority.

The second revolution, while non-violent, would disrupt society profoundly. Communists who participated in the meeting hoped it would topple the elected U.S. government. They surmised a "Proletarian Revolution" would occur after a nation stunned by damaging racial violence, with socialists voted into power. The Working Class would then tolerate a coup d'etat by a committed communist cohort. This would lead to the overthrow of the Republic and the establishment of a totalitarian socialist regime.

Using Race to Divide, Mislead And Conquer

Mr. Griffin pointed out that anyone residing in a communist nation during that period who protested against the state (or prayed at a church) weren't arrested or executed, but they faced severe punitive economic reprisals. If, for example, you were found to have protested against the government or prayed in a church, you wouldn't be arrested; instead, you'd find your food stipend would be cut, your earnings would be cut in half, and you'd be reassigned to a more difficult and far less desirable job. He argued these same factors frequently muzzle people who might otherwise speak out strongly against covert efforts to infiltrate and damage freely elected governments. Look at the world today: conservative Hollywood actors risk being blackballed if they speak out against the communists. You can easily get attacked by a mob if you wear a MAGA hat while walking down the street. Conservatives have been fired from their jobs for speaking out against liberal ideology on social media. Silicon Valley will outright "deplatform" you in the name of "social justice." Just look at what happened to Alex Jones.


According to G. Edward Griffin, there are no truly "communist" nations anywhere in the world. The nation is considered to be "Socialist" wherever the Communists plant their flag. (Image credit: Bigstock/diy13)

Did G. Edward Griffin's words portend our sheepish, politically correct modern culture? Will Americans continue to foster the "unity of division," playing right into the hands of the communists? This is one of the most important questions to be asked, and perhaps one of the most easily answered. Communism appeals to the emotions rather than reason and logic, and today, hundreds of thousands of children are being groomed to discard their rational and critical thinking abilities in exchange for "thinking with their feelings."

Today's youth are characterized as being lazy, ill-informed, and tragically, they seem to have become beguiled the most by the propaganda of division and entitlement. They feel the need to escape reality into a "safe space" whenever some objectivist has the audacity to challenge their delusional world view. They are the results of decades of failed educational policies where the brightest are scorned for making the average kids look dumb. They are the results of an educational system that punishes individual creative thought and rewards collectivist group-think with an almost hypnotic repetition of facts and figures. And they are the results of participation trophies, where even the least capable are rewarded for little more than their ability to breathe. These children are the future. They are becoming voters. They have no conception of history (or even reality, for that matter). They're being taught in colleges throughout the country that social justice is more important than science, technology, medicine and philosophy. They're falling for the communist propaganda hook, line and sinker.

The communists in America used to hide in the shadows. They used to keep their agendas muddled so as to confuse the public. Today, however, more and more people are openly and boldy proclaiming themselves to be socialists. It would seem, they have nothing to fear from an ever-growing non-thinking public that is increasingly supportive and sympathetic to their cause. When Mr. Griffin gave his lecture in 1969, the threat of the communist menace was considered to be more deadly than war. Today, that threat has now almost completely mutated into the cold, hard reality that world communism is now just a matter of time. America--and indeed the world at large--has a monumental choice to make that will decide the desitny of the human race. And time is rapidly running out.