Documenting the Dreams of the Dying

Just a few weeks before my grandmother died, I was sitting in the living room with her and a neighbor that had come over her house to visit. Although I didn't know she had cancer at this time, you could just tell something was very wrong with her. During the conversation, she kept talking about her brother and how she was just talking to him the other day. The thing is, her brother died several years ago. This was my very first direct experience with a family member "seeing" a deceased loved one right before they died. I had always thought she "saw" her brother because of whatever medication she was taking or, after I'd learned about the cancer, I thought maybe it was affecting her mind and maybe that is what caused her to "see" her brother. But now, years later, I've heard so many people talking about this same thing happening, again and again. After listening to this talk, it seems fairly certain that if our deceased loved ones don't actually visit us from beyond the grave right before we die...well, this doctor seems to believe that there is defintely some sort of mechanism going on that causes this.