Automation and the Universal Basic Income Question

Human jobs are increasingly being eliminated by automation. Machines and technologies are being developed right now that can compose music with the help of artificial intelligence, and some robotic systems can assist in medical and surgical procedures. The obvious problem is that when this movement reaches its crescendo in the next perhaps 20-30 years (or sooner), many experts believe that 50% or more of all workers will be totally replaced by automation.

All of this abrupt change may require not only a massive retraining of the human labor force in order to sustain our current standards of living, but it may also require that we re-think our current legal, philosophical and economic theories. As things stand now, a lack of jobs will leave many in an unfortunate state of economic deprivation. It is not inconceivable that this enormous disruption of life as we have known could lead to a full-blown economic depression or even collapse.