Are Rocks Balancing on a Comet?

Scientists think they may have found rocks "balancing" on the surface of Comet 67P. The phenomenon is strange enough when it's seen on earth, but now, because of the observation, scientists are wondering if blanacing rocks are a phenomenon that occours throughout the solar system. Balancing rocks on earth are usually caused by a combination of erosion and, essentially being in just the right place at the right time. If balancing rocks occur on comets, this makes scientists wonder what the process could be to cause them, since erosion as we know it on earth wouldn't happen on the surface of a comet. Scientists caution that the "balancing" rocks might not be balancing at all, and it might just all be a photographic aberration creating an illusion. More photographic evidence is needed before it can be definitively shown that there are, in fact, rocks balancing on the surface of this comet.