strange phenomena

  1. A Measure of Wheat

    Documenting the Dreams of the Dying

    Just a few weeks before my grandmother died, I was sitting in the living room with her and a neighbor that had come over her house to visit. Although I didn't know she had cancer at this time, you could just tell something was very wrong with her. During the conversation, she kept talking about...
  2. Prophetess

    Are Rocks Balancing on a Comet?

    Scientists think they may have found rocks "balancing" on the surface of Comet 67P. The phenomenon is strange enough when it's seen on earth, but now, because of the observation, scientists are wondering if blanacing rocks are a phenomenon that occours throughout the solar system. Balancing...
  3. M

    What Causes Halos Around the Sun?

    There seems to be more and more sightings of this strange phenomenon. The question is, what is causing it, and is it natural? A few years ago, a ring around the sun actually sparked fear among many people in Mexico. People have even called 911 to report this strange occurrence. Sometimes at...