1. Cosmos

    An Incredible Gift from High School Robotics Students

    A group of Minnesota high school students studying robotics just completed an electric wheelchair for two-year-old boy Cillian Jackson, who suffers from a rare genetic condition. A similar wheelchair could have cost over $20,000 and this parents' insurance didn't cover it. So , the "Rogue...
  2. The Archetype

    Will This Machine Replace Anesthesiologists?

    Approved by the FDA in 2013, the Sedasys machine could someday change the way people undergo anesthesia for surgeries. Some anesthesiologists have tried to prevent the machine from being put into use, arguing that anesthesiology is too complex a science to be handled by a machine. However...
  3. A Measure of Wheat

    Automation and the Universal Basic Income Question

    Human jobs are increasingly being eliminated by automation. Machines and technologies are being developed right now that can compose music with the help of artificial intelligence, and some robotic systems can assist in medical and surgical procedures. The obvious problem is that when this...