nikola tesla

  1. Anomaly

    Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower Explained

    Everyone who's heard of Nikola Tesla has probably seen photos of him holding fully-illuminated light bulbs in his hands, not connected to any wires whatsoever. After Tesla invented his Tesla Coil, it became very obvious that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly. However, the Tesla Coil...
  2. Cosmos

    Tesla's Demonstration of Radio

    In 1891, Nikola Tesla gave his first demonstration of wireless technology. Two years later, on March 1, 1893, Tesla went public with his radio technology demonstrations in St. Louis. Tesla had first demonstrated wireless transmissions in 1891. Just days before the public presentation in St...
  3. Cosmos

    The Eridanus Supervoid: Gateway to Another Dimension?

    It’s the largest known structure in the universe. It baffles cosmologists and catches the imagination of quantum physicists. It defies known patterns and statistical probability. And it’s a giant stretch of nothing. Could it be the point at which another universe bumps into our own? The Eridanus...