1. M

    Abraham Lincoln's Invention

    On May 22, 1849, the future U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was issued a patent for an invention designed to lift boats over shoals and other obstructions in a river. To this day, Lincoln's invention remains the only United States patent ever registered to a President of the United States.
  2. The Archetype

    Inauguration of the First Telegraph Line

    Fans of The Office will remember that the original instant message was "letters attached to baskets of food." However, at least as far as electronic messages go, the original IM was probably sent via Morse Code. On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sent a message to inagurate the first telegraph line...
  3. Cosmos

    An Incredible Gift from High School Robotics Students

    A group of Minnesota high school students studying robotics just completed an electric wheelchair for two-year-old boy Cillian Jackson, who suffers from a rare genetic condition. A similar wheelchair could have cost over $20,000 and this parents' insurance didn't cover it. So , the "Rogue...
  4. Anomaly

    Salt Water "Burns" with Radio Waves

    While searching for a cure for cancer, a retired radio executive discovered how to burn salt water using radio waves. John Kanzius was hoping to use this technology to target and destroy individual cancer cells, completely eliminating the use of chemotherapy or traditional radiation therapy. At...
  5. Prophetess

    Bass Frequency Extinguishes Fire

    Will firefighters one day trade in their water cannons for bass cannons? Two university engineering students have invented a device that uses low sound frequencies to extinguish flames. The students say they would like to someday see their invention being used to extinguish kitchen fires or even...
  6. Anomaly

    Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower Explained

    Everyone who's heard of Nikola Tesla has probably seen photos of him holding fully-illuminated light bulbs in his hands, not connected to any wires whatsoever. After Tesla invented his Tesla Coil, it became very obvious that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly. However, the Tesla Coil...
  7. Cosmos

    Tesla's Demonstration of Radio

    In 1891, Nikola Tesla gave his first demonstration of wireless technology. Two years later, on March 1, 1893, Tesla went public with his radio technology demonstrations in St. Louis. Tesla had first demonstrated wireless transmissions in 1891. Just days before the public presentation in St...
  8. The Archetype

    Will This Machine Replace Anesthesiologists?

    Approved by the FDA in 2013, the Sedasys machine could someday change the way people undergo anesthesia for surgeries. Some anesthesiologists have tried to prevent the machine from being put into use, arguing that anesthesiology is too complex a science to be handled by a machine. However...