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    When the 1999 film The Matrix hit movie theaters, it was an immediate success. The film eventually became a popular culture phenomeon, propelling its many philosophical ideas, such as taking the "red pill" (making the decision to wake up from human systems of power and control) and "plugged in"...
  2. The Archetype

    The Cathar Massacre at Montségur

    On March 16, 1244, following the Cathar surrender at the nine-month-long Siege of Montségur, about 200 perfecti and unrepentant credentes refused to renounce their Cathar faith, which had been a condition of surrender to Roman Catholic crusaders. After receiving their consolamentum rituals, the...
  3. A Measure of Wheat

    Jesus: The Final Adam

    In the Old Testament Book of Genesis, God created Adam and his companion Eve, allowing them to live in the Garden of Eden with only one rule: never eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One day, a serpent convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and then Adam followed...