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  1. Anomaly

    Comet Hale-Bopp

    On March 22, 1997, Comet Hale–Bopp made its closest approach to Earth. Hale–Bopp was discovered in 1995 by two different astronomers, Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, on separate occasions. When the comet became visible to the naked eye on Earth, it hung in the sky for 18 entire months. In November...
  2. Anomaly

    The First Discovery of Gold in California

    On March 9, 1842, six years before the start of the California Gold Rush, the first documented discovery of gold in California was made at Rancho San Francisco, in an area that is present-day Santa Clarita (not to be confused with present-day San Francisco). The actual documented date for the...
  3. Anomaly

    Top Quarks and the Search for Extra Dimensions

    On March 2, 1995, it was announced by researchers that the top quark had been discovered. The top quark is the most massive of all observed elementary particles. Like all quarks, the top quark is an elementary fermion and experiences all four fundamental interactions: gravitation...