Were the Nazis on the Moon?
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It's no secret that the origins of NASA can be traced back to the advanced rocket program of the Third Reich. We now know about Operation Paperclip and the transfer of Nazi rocket scientists to...
A Visit to the Big Sandy Shoot
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Twice a year, gun enthusiasts meet in the Arizona desert for the Big Sandy, the largest gun shoot in the United States. But at this event, these are no ordinary guns. At Big Sandy, gun enthusiasts...
J. Edgar Hoover's FBI
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On May 10, 1945, J. Edgar Hoover, who was instrumental in the founding of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, was appointed as its first director. Hoover remained the FBI's director...
Television is a "Vast Wasteland"
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On May 9, 1961, Chairman of the FCC Newton N. Minow gave a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters, in which he described television as a "vast wasteland." Minow reportedly said years...
The Collapse of California - A Paradise Lost
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Here are photographs and footage from the bygone golden era of the Golden State. Near the end are just a few images of what California has become - but not does accurately portray the true mess...
Germany's Unconditional Surrender
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On May 7, 1945, General Alfred Jodl signed the terms of unconditional surrender in Reims, France. This unconditional surrender ended Germany's role in the Second World War. The document took...
Salt Water "Burns" with Radio Waves
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While searching for a cure for cancer, a retired radio executive discovered how to burn salt water using radio waves. John Kanzius was hoping to use this technology to target and destroy...
More Deadly Than War
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G. Edward Griffin delivered a prophetic warning about the communist menace in his 1969 lecture entitled, "More Deadly Than War." Americans may find it instructive to consider this lecture, which...
What Would Machiavelli Say About Modern Gun Control?
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Niccolò Machiavelli's name may have become synonymous with self-interest, personal gain and a myriad of other negative personality traits, but his writing, especially The Prince, shows the...
Social Media Censorship Intensifies
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As we race ever faster to the dystopian future imagined by George Orwell, new lists of banned people and censored ideas are updated almost daily at this point. The latest causalties of "wrong...