More Deadly Than War
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G. Edward Griffin delivered a prophetic warning about the communist menace in his 1969 lecture entitled, "More Deadly Than War." Americans may find it instructive to consider this lecture, which...
What Would Machiavelli Say About Modern Gun Control?
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Niccolò Machiavelli's name may have become synonymous with self-interest, personal gain and a myriad of other negative personality traits, but his writing, especially The Prince, shows the...
Social Media Censorship Intensifies
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As we race ever faster to the dystopian future imagined by George Orwell, new lists of banned people and censored ideas are updated almost daily at this point. The latest causalties of "wrong...
The King James Version
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On May 2, 1611, the King James Version of the bible was published in London, England, and was authorized by King James I. The translation is noted for its "majesty of style" and has been described...
Birth of the Bavarian Illuminati
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On May 1, 1776, Jewish-born Adam Weishaupt, who later converted to Catholicism and was taught by the Jesuits, established the Bavarian Order of Illuminati in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. After Pope...
Socrates Hated Democracy
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You'd be hard pressed to find a person that hasn't heard of the legendary classical Greek philosopher, Socrates. Born in 399 BC, Socrates spent the majority of his 71 years on earth contemplating...
Search for the Legendary Kraken
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The Kraken, also called the Krabben and Skykraken, has been described in Nordic folklore as a nightmarishly huge cephalopod creature that touted its penchant for the destruction of large ships and...
Automation and the Universal Basic Income Question
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Human jobs are increasingly being eliminated by automation. Machines and technologies are being developed right now that can compose music with the help of artificial intelligence, and some...
Beethoven's "Für Elise"
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On April 27, 1810, German musician Ludwig van Beethoven composed Für Elise, which has become one of Beethoven's most famous and widely-recognized songs. Although the identity of "Elise" has been...
The Meltdown at Chernobyl
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On April 26, 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in the former Soviet Union (now Ukraine) occurred which was ten times larger than nuclear bombing of Hiroshima during World...