Beware Fake Gold American Eagle Coins
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Just a few years ago, some goldbugs on various precious metals forums assumed that probably no one would ever go though the trouble of counterfeiting gold American Eagle bullion coins, simply...
Comet Hale-Bopp
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On March 22, 1997, Comet Hale–Bopp made its closest approach to Earth. Hale–Bopp was discovered in 1995 by two different astronomers, Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, on separate occasions. When the...
Return of the True Cross by Heraclius
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It is believed that the True Cross was discovered when Constantine's mother, Empress Helena, ordered the destruction of Emperor Hadrian's pagan Temple of Venus, in Jerusalem. During the...
The Theory of General Relativity
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On March 20, 1915, Albert Einstein published his famous theory of general relativity. Prior to Einstein's theory, the scienfitic community had been living for over 250 years under the laws of...
UFO Above the Calbuco Volcano in Chile
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In 2015, the big news out of Chile was the giant eruption of the Calbuco Volcano. What you probably didn't see in the news, however, was the fact that many people reported seeing a bight orb of...
Bass Frequency Extinguishes Fire
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Will firefighters one day trade in their water cannons for bass cannons? Two university engineering students have invented a device that uses low sound frequencies to extinguish flames. The...
Scientists Film Hummingbirds in a Wind Tunnel
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With a high speed camera, scientists are able to observe, record and simulate the motions and movements of hummingbirds in a variety of conditions--from normal, hot sunny days, to high wind and...
The Cathar Massacre at Montségur
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On March 16, 1244, following the Cathar surrender at the nine-month-long Siege of Montségur, about 200 perfecti and unrepentant credentes refused to renounce their Cathar faith, which had been a...
Organic Compounds on Mars
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For several years now, NASA's Curiocity Rover has been probing around looking for signs of life on Mars. While it still has not found any evidence of past or present life on Mars (that we know...
The Gold Standard
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On March 14, 1900, the Gold Standard Act was was ratified, which put the United States currency on the gold standard. The United States originally had established a silver standard and with the...