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Aug 13, 2018
Since the Silicon Valley corporate social media giants have decided that censorship and shutting people up is a good idea, you won't find Erudite Insights on any of those platforms. It's not because we've actually been censored or banned by them--it's because we are ideologically opposed to censorship and the unilateral decision by these mega corporations to arbitrarily decide what ideas people should and should not be allowed to express on their platforms.

Instead, we've decided to go with alternative social media platforms that purport to offer freedom of speech and claim to oppose censorship. Besides, we want visitors who are capable of independent thought and can offer truly erudite insights to our forum community. We want insightful and creative original conversations going on here, and we highly doubt visitors that come here from the "Internet ghettos" will be able to bring anything of real value to the table.

So, we're abandoning the traditional mainstream social media sites, and at this point, we adivse you to do the same...unless you like censorship, being spied on, and told what and how to think.

We're not sure what the future holds for the Internet and social media, but for now, you can follow us on the following social media sites: