1. Cosmos

    Shchedryk: The Story of 'Carol of the Bells'

    As the Christmas season is now upon us, you can tune to any number of local radio stations which most likely will be playing Christmas carols from now until around New Years. One of the most famous and recognizable Christmas songs is "Carol of the Bells." The song had gotten tremendously more...
  2. M

    Martin Luther: A Reluctant Rebel Who Changed the World

    Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of a Roman Catholic Church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517, which eventually launched the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s novel interpretation of the Word of God and his ideas about church authority and divine nature profoundly...
  3. M

    The Downfall of the Knights Templar

    On Friday, October 13th, 1307, agents of King Philip IV, of France, were ordered to arrest all of the Knights Templar in France under the accusation of heresy, and they were charged under capital offenses. They were imprisoned and tortured until they confessed to their heresy. This was then...