(Job) Death and (Robot) Taxes
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During the Industrial Revolution, economic power was mostly held by a small number of wealthy industrialists, many of whom were factory owners. As new mechanical engineering marvels, such as automation, became more advanced and commonplace, these titans of industry were able to capitalize on their newly-automated machinery and simultaneously...
Is Society Stagnating?
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We like to believe that with each passing generation, we as a society are progressing to advanced levels of intellectual and cultural enlightenment. It seems that the natural order of things dictates that human thought and activity should get better over time. Maybe this isn't always true, nor does it happen in an orderly and linear...
The Modern Mythos of the Eridanus Supervoid
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It’s the largest known structure in the universe. It baffles cosmologists and catches the imagination of quantum physicists. It defies known patterns and statistical probability. It may be the point at which another universe in the multiverse bumped into our own. And it’s a giant stretch of nothing. The Eridanus supervoid was discovered back...